How to Repair Small Cracks in Concrete Structures

Cracks up to ¼ inch wide can be filled with sealant, while those narrower than ¼ of an inch are likely the result of shrinkage as the inlet heals. To repair a fine crack, you need to use a sealant that has low surface tension and viscosity, allowing it to penetrate the crack. If the cracks appear right after pouring a concrete base, it may have dried too quickly, mixed poorly, or been overworked. When repairing cracked concrete on the steps, you will need a float, wooden parts, a concrete finishing brush, and a rubbing brick.

In addition to grout, you can use any other filler or sealant to fill the cracks. An ideal adhesive should have low surface tension and viscosity to penetrate deep into the space and fill it. Big D Ready Mix Concrete has been serving customers in the Dallas, TX area since 2002, with more than 400 utility mixes, heavy-duty wall mixes, exposed aggregate mixes, flexural strength mixes, stamped concrete mixes, fluid fill mixes, grout mixes and mixtures for trailer pumps. Repairing a fine crack in a concrete structure involves filling the space with a material that adheres well to the concrete, restores its original appearance, and prevents liquids from penetrating inside the structure and staining the concrete.

To ensure that your repair job is successful, make sure to use quality materials and follow all instructions carefully. If you are unsure of how to proceed with your repair job, it is best to consult a professional for advice.