The Best Solutions to Fill Concrete Cracks

Wide cracks in concrete can be a nuisance, but they can be easily patched and sealed with the right product. Whether it's a small crack or a large space, there are solutions that can fill the gap and prevent further damage from freeze-thaw cycles. From Sikaflex self-leveling sealant to Red Devil's 0644 Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch, there are products that can fit any size crack and any budget. For those who prefer water-based crack fillers, Red Devil 0644 1 quart ready-mix concrete patch and Damtite 04012 gray adhesive vinyl concrete patch are a good choice.

For numerous larger cracks, you'll want to invest in larger quantities of concrete crack filler, as the cracks will require more product. If you have already installed concrete crack fillers and are comfortable mixing concrete, getting the texture and proportions right, you have the tools at hand, and you know what you are doing, then you can go for powder products that require a few extra steps but go a long way. For those looking for a quick solution, Applied Technologies Concrete Foundation Crack Repair Kit is an excellent choice. This kit includes two polyurethane foam tubes to fill the crack, injection ports to adhere over the crack and two-part epoxy to seal the crack prior to injection.

It also comes with enough material to fill cracks up to 10 linear feet long. The repair will prevent water, insects and soil gases from penetrating the foundation, keeping homes safer and drier. PC Products PC-Concrete Two-Part Epoxy is another great option for those looking for a strong and fast-curing product. This two-part epoxy can fix cracks or anchor metal such as lag bolts and other accessories in concrete, creating three times the strength of the concrete it adheres to.

Plus, with a set time of 20 minutes and a cure time of 4 hours, it's ready to lift heavy objects quickly. Finally, Damtite concrete superpatch repair is an ideal solution for filling large cracks, deep depressions, or areas with a lack of material. This waterproof patching compound uses a unique, shrink-free formula that can be applied to concrete surfaces in layers from 1 inch thick, up to 3 inches thick. This patch kit comes with 6 pounds of patch powder and 1 pint of liquid additive, so users can mix as much or as little as needed to apply patches or coat concrete surfaces. By analyzing the cracks in your driveway, you can take control of the problem with the right filler that can perfectly match the type of cracks in the concrete you have.

Instead of struggling with the patch and concrete mix for small cracks, consider Dap Liquid Cement Crack Filler. Fortunately, the best concrete crack fillers can repair those cracks in foundations, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios and more, making them virtually disappear.