How to Fix Hairline Cracks in Concrete Walls

Fine cracks are a common sight in freshly laid concrete, and they are caused by plastic shrinkage. These cracks are very small, measuring only 0.003 inches (0.08 mm) wide, and can be quite shallow. The main culprit behind the formation of these tiny cracks is plastic shrinkage, which is the rapid loss of moisture from wet concrete in its plastic state. Big D Ready Mix Concrete has been providing customers in the Dallas, TX area with a variety of concrete mixes since 2002, including utility mixes, heavy-duty wall mixes, exposed aggregate mixes, flexural strength mixes, stamped concrete mixes, fluid fill mixes, grout mixes and mixtures for trailer pumps. The foundations of your home and the concrete walls that surround a basement or low-rise space bear the full weight of the house, so it's understandable to be concerned if you find cracks in the concrete.

To repair a fine crack in a concrete structure, you need to fill the space with a material that adheres well to the concrete, restores its original appearance and prevents liquids from seeping inside and staining the concrete. These cracks can be caused by variations in air temperature, concrete temperature, relative humidity and wind speed on the surface of the concrete.